Working with Legal Counsel
We often work side by side and for legal counsel on behalf of clients who are facing tough issues and crises, helping to assure that your company wins in the court of public opinion as well as in the court of law.

When we are asked how you know when to involve communications experts in legal matters, this is our answer:

The Top Ten Reasons Why You Need to Involve Communications Counsel
  • The media are knocking at the client's door.
  • Rumors are afloat.
  • Some employees know about the problem, and others surely will know soon.
  • It will take time and intense effort to put a communications strategy, key messages and action plan in place.
  • The CEO and other key spokespersons need to be coached/trained to act as the spokespersons.
  • Third party spokespersons will be crucial allies when or if the issue becomes public – and they will need to be identified.
  • The company is publicly traded and news of the problem has the potential to affect share price.
  • News may leak at any time.
  • You've never met the communications staff or outside consultants – and they do not have a clue on the issue.
  • The company or brand reputation are potentially at stake.
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