Never Say Never, by Len Biegel

You dress quickly and head for the office, which is about 20 minutes away. As you are driving, you switch on the radio and hear the news that explosions have hit eight international businesses, and two of those locations are owned by ABC International—in Kankakee Illinois, where 2,000 workers are employed in a round-the-clock chemical plant, and in London, where 200 sales and marketing staff are located.

By the time you reach the Situation Room, the lights are on and four other senior executives are there. As they scramble to decipher the controls on the new plasma TVs so they can find the news on CNN, word comes in that your CEO cannot be located. Someone thinks he’s probably on the company plane headed back from a business meeting in Hong Kong. But no one is certain.

This is just the beginning of a crisis you thought you were prepared to face. But are you prepared?

This book is for every CEO, every board member, and every senior executive concerned about corporate reputation, in companies of all sizes—from the Fortune 500s to the small and medium-size companies— that do business with and are part of the private-sector supply chain that controls 85% of America’s resources.

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Published by Brick Tower Press, New York, 2008

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