The Thinking Behind Our Business Model
While the need for strong, well-developed communications expertise has never been greater, companies seeking seasoned public affairs counseling face a number of concerns, including:
  • Budgets: While clients are willing to pay fair prices for the right expertise, there is increasing concern with escalating hourly rates, the expertise connected to the rates, and the ability (albeit a difficult one at times) to relate public affairs expenditures to return on investment.
  • Consistency of Talent: In our business, professional services are all we have to sell. And when a client engages a public affairs firm, they are doing so based on specific expertise. With the escalating turnover public affairs firms are experiencing, this is an increasing issue for clients.
  • Cross-Selling: Many of today's public affairs firms, because they are part of multi-layered conglomerates that also include everything from advertising to logo design and sports marketing, are under steady pressure to sell these additional services. This is a difficult concept to execute and one that creates unnecessary distractions for the service provider and the client.
Therefore, in designing our business model, we have taken the following into account:
  • Billing at fair rates for senior talent, which may include hourly-based budgets, project fees, or special rates for emergencies.
  • Senior talent that has an ownership in their business – and therefore a built-in assumption that they are the talent the client is engaging for the duration of the assignment.
  • We provide core services and nothing more. We have nothing more to sell. And we have no shareholders to please other than ourselves.
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