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The Biegel Group, headed by Len Biegel, is a partnership of leading communications professionals with expertise in US and international public affairs and crisis communications, opinion research, and media and presentation skills training. We are based in Washington, DC, with partner offices also in New York City, Paris and Los Angeles.

Where's My Umbrella
A Crash Course in Crisis Management

Where’s My Umbrella examines several recent crises - from the Madoff scandal to the BP oil spill to Hurricane Sandy - and finds examples of how disasters can be prevented. Umbrella offers the latest in prevention and planning techniques; leadership; and trends to watch for.

Available at selected retail outlets and Published by Brick Tower Press, New York, 2014.

Never Say Never is the only book to offer a practical plan to make American business 100 percent crisis-ready. Does your business need a crash course in risk management? Research shows an estimated one-quarter to one-third of all American businesses still have no crisis plan, six years after September 11 provided a corporate wakeup call.
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Issue and Crisis Communications
We help our clients resolve their problems – from issues to crises – through the development of smart communications strategies and programs. Our expertise is a direct result of experience working on behalf of Tylenol during the tamperings of the 1980s; the events of 9/11 and the aftermath; and participating firsthand in some of the major business events of the past 20 years. All provide strong lessons and standards for how to organize and communicate under the most stressful of situations.

Crisis Preparedness
The events of 9/11 and the continuing concerns with Homeland Security have also brought The Biegel Group into an additional sphere, as we are helping clients on the organizational side as well – advising on planning for business continuity; the design of crisis control centers (commonly referred to as "war rooms"); risk assessment; and business continuity.

As part of our commitment to helping companies be better prepared to face crises – and in fact help to prevent some crises – we have developed a number of proprietary crisis products and services. These products and services, tailored to the specific needs of client companies, are based on precise and measurable criteria and smart practices. They include:
  • Risk Mapping
  • Crisis Plan Assessment
  • Crisis Plan Revision/ Plan Creation
  • Crisis Simulation Assessment
  • Crisis Training/ Simulation
  • Business Continuity Planning and Assessment
Reputation Building and Preservation
Reputations take time to build. And the process involves carefully developed, creative thinking. Our expertise, based on years of work in the reputation field, combined with a sharp awareness of the increasingly diverse communications choices, puts us in a unique position to build reputations for brands and organizations – from the strategy to the implementation.

Communications Skills Training
Whether facing an issue, a crisis or the marketing of a product – spokespersons benefit many times over from participation in communications skills workshops. The concepts and approach are consistent, and include message development; learning the art of gaining control and confidence; and are reinforced through real-world simulations and critiques.

Opinion Research
Asking the right questions of the right stakeholders – from the public to employees – helps remove the guess-work from development of strategies, whether the topic is a new product introduction or reactions to tough issues. Research techniques vary according to the specific needs, and include traditional public opinion polls; focus group; leadership interviews; and electronic message testing.

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